Ford Focus RS (Mk2) Uprated Intercooler

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If you are looking to upgrade the intercooler on your MK2 Focus RS, we really do have a winner here. With a significant increase in overall size and thickness, compared to the standard interccoler,(see image) this really does make a difference even on a standard car. Our repeated dyno testing showed mid range improvements of up to 15hp and 20 ft/lbs of torque with the top end increased by 8 hp and 10 ft/lbs.

The intercooler has been designed not to mask the coolant radiator and during testing we did not see any increase in coolant temperatures. Installation is easy with removal and fitment achievable from under the vehicle without the need to remove the front panel. The MK2 Focus RS responds really well to this modification, and the best news is that by reducing temperatures to get more power you are actually reducing stress on the engine.

Due to unexpected high demand, delivery may take longer than expected, as all intercoolers are made to order - contact us for more specific delivery times.