BMW 320D E46 Diesel Uprated Intercooler

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This intercooler is a direct replacement for the original intercooler in the BMW E46 320D. By utilising CNC machined hose couplers, the original hoses plug straight in. We have utilised a core with a larger surface area and greater volume which has a high thermal efficiency and low resistance. This combination ensures minimum loss of boost pressure with maximum cooling.

Testing on a totally standard car, whilst only showing marginal peak figure gains of 4 hp, confirmed that the increase was also all the way through the rev range. However on a software tuned car, where the actual figures will be dependent on the software or tuning box used, the gains are more significant.

Reports from customers have quickly identified that this improvement has been very well received by all who use their vehicle for towing or extended motorway use with some several reports of improved fuel consumption, though this will always be dependent on how the vehicle is driven.