VW Golf Mk4 130PS PD Front Mounting Intercooler

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After receiving reports from owners, and seeing the results of our own testing, it really is evident that the Golf PD130 TDI really needs help in the intercooler department. Owners were complaining of high intake temperatures and pipes that kept blowing off, so we've set out to fix both problems.

Our testing results with this cooler are excellent, it runs much cooler than stock, and our unique hose design means an end to hoses blowing off under boost! The kit includes everything required, including easy to understand instructions. . The kit replaces the pipework from the turbo, including removal of the infamous flattened pipe in the wheel arch (also known as the pancake pipe) and now runs a 50mm pipe all the way to the intercooler. The pipework from the intercooler outlet to the EGR valve is also replaced as part of the kit with a polished aluminium pipe.

We can supply hoses in blue or black (though the turbo outlet hose that you can't see, is only supplied in black) just make your selection from the options above when ordering.

Note: This kit does NOT fit PD130 models fitted with headlamp washers