Renault Megane RS250 Wasserkühler

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An all alloy radiator for the Megane RS250.

With the known coolant temperature issues that are attributed to the original fitment radiator, this is the only real solution. The stock Renault radiator has a major design flaw in that the inlet and outlet are in a straight line across the core. At high engine rpm when you need the most cooling, the maximum flow is straight across the core, missing out about 75% of the volume. Worse still, the 25% of the core with good flow is directly behind the crash bar and gets no direct airflow.

Our engineers have maximised the surface area and utilised a high efficiency radiator core with a unique flow enhancement to ensure that the coolant passes evenly across the entire core, and that the area of restricted airflow ( behind the crash bumber ) is taken into account. Being confident in our design, we sent this for independent testing and were pleased to hear that they had acheived a reduction of 20 degrees C in peak water temperatures but also a drop of 15 degrees C in Oil temperatures on track.