Peugeot RCZ 200 PS Turbo Front Mounting Intercooler

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Front mounted intercooler for the Peugeot RCZ fitted with the THP 200 engine.

The THP 200 has a much better designed intercooler from the factory than the THP 156 engine, but even so it can be improved upon. We used a bar and plate core for this car, as it worked better, together with curved end tanks and integral air flow guides to make the most of the much bigger core. We managed to get a respectable 19 degree C drop in temperature on a remapped car, which also picked up 7bhp and 9lb/ft without any modifications to the map.

The core also features added ducting to prevent air from spilling over the edge of the core, ensuring that as much air as possible coming through the grille is driected through the core.

This is a direct fit intercooler and no cutting is required to fit.