Nissan Juke 1.6 Turbo Uprated Intercooler

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Following on from our huge success in developing an intercooler for the Nissan GTR35, we just had to take a look at the the Nissan Juke 1.6 Turbo. Again we started with improving airflow through the intercooler with the use of enlarged pipework and silicone hoses, and a redesign of the intercooler end tanks. Then with the charge air sorted, we looked at the cooling air that passes over the intercooler. Our testing showed that the original OEM location, at the front of the vehicle, performed brilliantly. So, satisfied that it was up to the specification needed, we thought we should aim to make a true simple to install upgrade kit, by designing the intercooler to install perfectly with all the OEM mountings.

The new cooler is larger than the OEM unit, and uses a different design of intercooler core that proved more thermally efficient in this installation. In tests, the Forge unit managed an incredible drop in intake temperature of up to 20°C, which combined with reduced pressure loss, allows the engine to produce more power and torque throughout the rev range. Of course, with the engine running cooler, engine longevity should also be improved. On our test car, running Litchfield stage 2 software, there was a gain of 15+ bhp after installing the intercooler.