Mitsubishi Evo 10 Uprated Intercooler

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This intercooler is for the Mitsubishi EVO 10 is larger than the OEM intercooler and uses a highly efficient tube and fin core design. Our core uses up all the space that Mitsubishi had failed to take advantage of. The core measures a massive 540x355x100mm.

The end tanks are designed such that the standard boost hoses can be retained. Installation requires NO cutting of the bumper at all. Total fitting time is only around 3 hours. We have seen excellent results on both the FQ300 and the FQ360. On the FQ300 we recorded gains of 13bhp and 18lb/ft of torque in back to back testing, with noticeable gains all the way from 3000 to 7000rpm. The manifold intake temperatures were reduced by 10°C with an overall drop in the resistance of the cooling system, meaning that the turbo now works less hard at the same power levels. On the FQ360 we recorded a significant increase in power of +12hp, with an increase in torque from 4500rpm, again pulling strongly to the redline.