Forge FMDV14T Bolw Off Adapter

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für alle VAG 2,0 TFSI, 2,0 T FSI, 1,8  TFSI und 1,4 TFSI Motore.

Yet another first for the Volkswagen and Audi Tuning Market from Forge ! With the introduction of the VAG TSi Turbo Engine, we have developed a Patented Atmospheric Blow-Off adapter specifically designed to fit this application. Simple in execution, yet offering the desirable atmospheric blow-off valve sound, this product has been designed to be fully compatible with the Bosch engine management systems employed. This is not only a replacement for vehicles fitted with the OEM solenoid valve part number 06F 145 710 D, but will fit earlier applications of the 2.0 FSiT, the later TFSi 2 litre and the 5 cylinder TTRS .